Operation 'Extern GPUs'

Operation 'Extern GPUs' - Renderpower everywhere

Meanwhile we're constructing an extern solution for CPUs, which allows us to connect everything with simple USBs. Sure, there sould still be a card based in the system, but all in all it is possible to change everything to our extern version.

Even 4k screens and rendering won't be a future problem (even by network). Everything that's needed for this great quality, is to connect USB Brackets to the system and - ta-da, several PCIes can be used. Up until now we were able to work with three cards (maybe four considering the mainboard). With our special USB solution even five GPUs can be used. Now, a box could be transfered from computer to computer and the working place that's taking a lot of the rendering power would gain a four-block graphics card.
The cabel's length is 2.5m, but still five additional GTX980ti by PCIe are way better than three by PCIe X16. Who knows if X8 would be possible? We will continue our research and create a case that will look as great as our progress is.
In several Mining Communities from all over the world people build small Mining Rigs with a cabel's length of 30cm. Here, all components are connected to the power supply unit. From our rendering field nobody has ever tried or shown a solution to this problem like we do now because nobody has ever believed it would be that simple. Who would ever think that a signal cable power of 2,5m could be enough? Fact is: It is and of course we'll try stronger cables next. A Render Rig, a box that can be transfered from User A to User B, would be a real christmas temptation. Basically, some more cables won't hurt and we will keep you on track.

The stuff we've used:
Green: Connected to the graphics card and the USB 3.0 Slot-Bracket socket Type A (here shown in turquoise)
Turquoise: Connected to the USB 3.0 cable Type A and ending in a plug Type B (here shown in orange)
Orange: Connected to the USB 3.0 socket Type B inside the PC case and ending in a plug Type A (here shown in yellow)
Yellow: Is plugged in a PCIe-Slot
Additionally, an extern power supply unit for the adapter and extern graphics cards et voilà!